QR Cardboard permits the emotion of a totally immersive experience through the distribution of customized VR viewers. Qr Cardboard is the company of Studi Web group that produces handmade Google certified viewers, using first choice materials and established techniques inspired by the famous Italian manufacture.

QR Cardboard invests on design, creativity and innovation, entrusting the extraordinary model "Box" the mission of inviting users to discover Virtual Reality. An exclusive packaging, compact and easy to send through a distribution network developed around the world.

On a large cartographic space of 5000 square meters, the production process is carefully followed in all its phases, thanks to the supervision of a qualified personnel that constantly tests new graphics and printing settings.

With a practical style and a strong emotional impact, QR Cardboard can be embellished with tailored details thus becoming an important promotional vehicle. A perfect idea for professionals and companies that choose to offer, along with catalogs, calendars or institutional material, the opportunity to explore new worlds through 360°.

QR Cardboard is the ideal partner for purchase, sale and customization of quality viewers. From design to customization, from realization to the achievement of the WWGC certification: QR Cardboard produces cardboards with technical characteristics designed to reach perfect viewing results.

The www.qrcardboard.com site presents numerous possibilities for customization, offering competitive prices and promotions on large orders. It also provides real-time support through the dedicated team of Studi Web, composed of specialists in marketing, graphics design and printing with cutting-edge technologies.