Tourmake provides professionals, such as photographic studios, web agencies, interior designers and communication agencies with an extraordinary platform to enhance virtual tours with interactive hot-spots. The identification of areas of interest, points and multimedia plugins allows tour customization emphasizing its main features and making the whole business more accessible. The platform is compatible with all operating systems, it automatically adapts to mobile devices and is designed to be integrated with websites and social networks.

Tourmake is a proprietary software developed by Studi Web, which includes reserved accesses and a space visible to the public. It uses proprietary technologies (both server and client) to adapt them effectively to the needs of users having more control over them. It is also holder of a Google license, through which it distributes its services to Google Street View Trusted Photographers.

Tourmake offers an immersive navigation experience that takes advantage of the impulse of Virtual Reality to create unique sensations of a true "immersion": Users can choose to move through the business environments also using VR visors and Cardboards, technologies that are compatible with all the latest generation smartphones.

Tourmake has partners all over the world and offers an endless variety of customization options that turn virtual reality into a powerful advertising and promotional tool.

Studi Web coordinates the network of professionals who use the platform by planning design, development and support actions. The team has dedicated groups that work to maintain the system constantly updated by implementing its functionality.




Results Achieved

  • About 6000 professionals using the platform
  • About 15000 Tourmake published
  • More than 25 million visits per year to virtual tours
  • Distributed in 24 languages
  • 60 world nations