Bi.Pen has offered simple, innovative and reliable solutions for over fifteen years in order to improve communication and to consolidate the company's image through customization of Bic writing instruments . Since 2000 Bi.Pen, a Studi Web brand, has been the official reseller of Bic.Graphic products, Bic section intended for marketing of personalized pens that can be used in the merchandising sector.

The Bic brand ensures quality and functionality, thanks to the use of excellent inks and over 11,600 high resolution color combinations. The portal allows you to customize a Bic pen under the company logo with a few clicks in a simple and intuitive way.

  • The Bic brand is recognized by 9 people out of 10
  • Every day in the world consumers choose to buy 25 million of Bic stationery
  • More than 70 years of history and expertise
  • More than 45 years in the promotional sector

The website provides the possibility to customize the selected model in all its components in real time and independently, giving an exclusive preview of the final result.

Studi Web promotes the portal visibility and provides an efficient pre and post sales service. In fact, it manages all the purchasing stages providing graphic drafts and further possible editing settings. Through the support of a dedicated staff that responds to the requests in real time via help desk, Studi Web is able to carry out a precise and punctual work that exactly reproduces the company logo to be promoted on the Bic writing systems.



Some Results Achieved

  • Over 1 million pens sold
  • 100% of positive feedbacks
  • Over 11,600 high resolution color combinations for the components