Qualified Photographers

For the creation of virtual tours, videos and 360 photos. Professionals selected and distributed throughout the Italian and Spanish territory.

Graphic studio

For the realization of graphic contents, coordinated to the text, with a strong impact and able to highlight the details that characterize the professional activity.

Multilingual assistants

To support partners who require assistance in their original language and intend to keep their international projects updated. Available in 5 languages.


For the writing of contents optimized with a SEO key, useful to favor the positioning on search engines and to conquer potential customers with the right words.


To conduct professional telephone interviews, through which they collect useful information to customize services.


For the training of consultants and the dissemination of specific knowledge among the staff to support sales network.


For the translation of contents into different languages, thus accessible from any part of the world by any means.


For the quality control of the internal work process, distribution of tasks and the guarantee of the full completion of requests.

Video maker

For the realization and editing of high-resolution videos with 360 technology, effective and functional, through which they emphasize the innovative value of the business activity.


For the identification of needs, analysis of resources, information gathering and sharing of the strategies to be adopted.

Web Developer

For the development of websites or custom projects and the enhancement of Virtual Reality, that describes the business activity in an interactive manner, transforming users into real web protagonists.